About Us



Kale Me Crazy is a superfood café. We offer a wide range of delicious and healthy meals that are crafted to support your healthy lifestyle through the use of fresh, organic and raw food.


We believe in real food and that everyone deserves access to real food. We provide a variety of quick and nutritious options to customers. The demand for healthy food is on rise and we are determined to meet that demand.

Founder's Story

Kale Me Crazy was born out of a personal desire by our Founder and CEO, Roi Shlomo, to change his diet. Several years ago a documentary about GMO's (genetically modified organisms) changed his life. He learned of additives, growth hormones, and other chemically altered processes prominent in the food industry so he set out to fulfill an all-organic diet. What surprised him was that there were so few places to eat this way, and when he did find one, the food wasn't good.

So he set forth and began working on recipes in his kitchen for a new franchise concept. He wanted everyone to have healthy food choices. At the time, he was the owner and Franchisor of Yogli Mogli, a frozen yogurt franchise popular in the southeast. For two years he devoted as much time as possible creating for nutritious food that taste good.

In the winter of 2013, Kale Me Crazy was born. The concept was different, innovative and the public demand has been amazing ever since! Once our doors opened, community excitement for healthy options gained momentum. People are hungry for real and nutritious food and we are happy to help our communities maintain a healthy life style.